Survey Saturday: How Much Would You Pay for a Dog?

Have you seen the story out of Boca Raton, FL yet?  Seems a couple (who already have 9 dogs) wanted a clone of one of their dogs who had recently passed away.  (And BTW, this reminds me a lot of the lady in California who had six kids at home & underwent artificial insemination to have octuplets).

But I digress.  Anyways, this couple bid $155,000 at auction to have their dog’s DNA cloned by BioArts International in South Korea, and have recently received the new puppy.  Lancey, as the puppy is known, is the clone of Nina & Edgar Otto’s beloved yellow lab, Sir Lancelot.

The Humane Society is, of course, upset by this, stating that cloning a dog’s DNA produces a different dog due to the environmental factors which influence how the genetic footprint plays out.  They point out that there are many animals euthanized every year and many others waiting to be adopted at shelters across the country.

Edgar’s response:  Sir Lancelot “was a very, very, very special dog to us. And we’ve given a lot more to the Humane Society than we’ve ever spent on this project.”

Edgar is the son of the late Edwin Otto, who helped to found NASCAR, so he can apparently afford to do this. 

My take on it?  Not something I’d be interested in, but he can spend his money anyway he wants!

You can see the whole story, with pictures, here.

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