Dogs Rescued from Korean Meat Farm

Photo credit:  SPCA of Texas
Photo credit: SPCA of Texas
Fox4 News in Dallas is reporting that some of the 250 dogs recently rescued from a South Korean meat farm have now been transferred to the SPCA of Texas where they will be adoptable after evaluation and treatment of any medical issues.

The remainder of the dogs are being placed in shelters around the country under the Humane Society’s Emergency Placement Program.

The dogs were kept in deplorable conditions, but most appear to be in relatively good shape. Naturally, they’re scared after their rescue and long ride to the US, but they appear to be of several different breeds and are VERY cute!

South Korea reportedly kills over two million dogs each year for food, but the farmer who gave up these 250 dogs agreed to permanently shut down his farm. You can read more about the heart-breaking plight of dogs in South Korea on the Humane Society’s website.

I’m so glad at least these dogs were rescued from their captivity and fear.

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  1. the people running the korean meat farm should be deported and keep the out of uunited states forever!!!!

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