Do Dogs Have Souls?

Good post on the Three Dog Blog, concerning whether or not dogs (or any animals, for that matter) have souls.  A frequent commenter on this site, has recently been added to our blogroll, and we offer him today a wag of the tail for his good work!

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8 thoughts on “Do Dogs Have Souls?”

  1. when god has created animals he sure had also given them soul and had made only 1thing and that heaven for animals after death because they never lies they ur not greedy give them how much food they will eat if any human being on earth belive that the animals dont go to heaven then ur the big stupid animals how u or any other human being knws that he will go to heaven this is the human who has tolds the stories tat u do good things u will go to heaven and do bad thing go to hell no one had gone to heaven and hell and made an heaven/hell long distance call to somebody and said that i am in heaven /hell so its correct if god has crated heaven its first for animals and then for humans god has created humans and animals and all have lives in them so where ever anyone go god bless thier soul god bless candy/tyson soul in heaven life with candy/tyson is long in day to day activies i miss u i love u a lot candy/tyson ur my greatdane dogs candy/female tyson male they were more than son/daughter to me god bless thier soul in heaven

  2. I lost my little puppy coco several months ago ,I had to have her put to sleep and I am sure that she will be waiting on me in heaven,but if she is not there then I want to go where she is.

  3. The way I see it is that if something can love and forgive as quickly and as much as a dog does it must have a soul. They forgive much more quickly and love so much deeper than even we. When they look you in the eyes you can feel it. I think my dog loves and understands me better than my own husband. Who is to say they have no souls. They will get to heaven alot quicker than I that is for sure. They were made special not us. They are the example of what a soul should truly be. I am a catholic and I hate when they teach children dogs have no souls.

  4. According to the Bible (1 Cor. 15:39) All flesh is not the same flesh, but there is one kind of flesh for men, another flesh of animals, another of fish, and another of birds. Dogs do have a soul and body – but don’t have a spirit. We have a body, soul & spirit. It’s the spirit that lives eternally…the soul is the conscience or our will, the body dies and “goes back to the dust” – after death the spirit will go to heaven or hell – (have you been “born again? – see John 3:3).

    Nevertheless, since nothing is impossible with God, we will have to wait and see if we would “reunite” us with our favorite pets…the Bible does say that the lion and lamb will get along and a child will play with an asp. (Isaiah 11: 6-8).

  5. i believe with all my heart that dogs have souls. i believe all animals have souls. i believe that jesus loved all the animals, because after all he was born in a stable surrounded with animals. animals love you unconditionally just like jesus does.i believe animals were put on earth for us to to enjoy their beauty , to love them and care for them. there’s not a doubt in my mind that animals do have souls, because you have to have a soul to show emotion and to love.

  6. Of course, everything that is made has a soul. Have you seen an animal that has lost an animal companion.? Have you ever seen a dog with his/her human when the human passes away? Have you ever seen a dog CRY? Ever see a mother dog frantic loking for puppies. Ever see an animal die in your arms? experience these things , then ask again!

  7. Dogs must have souls. If humans do, Dogs HAVE to. They’re so much purer and deserve preservation into enternity.

    I’m only posting this here because my computer is too stupid to let me post on the

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