Saturday Survey: Shelter Dogs vs. Dogs from a Breeder

Last weekend was PetSmart’s adoption event, where they tried to find homes for 13,500 pets.  In addition, as you know, last week was the Westminster show, probably the premiere event featuring purebred dogs.  So, it dawned on me that we should ask our readers which they prefer – shelter dogs or dogs purchased from a breeder.  Please take our survey below and let us know what you think.


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7 thoughts on “Saturday Survey: Shelter Dogs vs. Dogs from a Breeder”

  1. We adopted a shelter dog a year ago, and she is very sweet, but has had big issues with anxiety and running away. Most of the people who work at the humane society are very helpful and practical people, and I know they’re working for a good cause, but in the management level, there is an element of unrealistic, unforgiving, by-the-letter-ness that can make it seem unkind to humans. I would not adopt another shelter dog. I know it’s a beautiful ideal, but I wound up feeling punished for doing my best in taking care of a dog that came with tons of baggage. I would either support a responsible breeder, or take in one of the strays that comes by (three dogs have been dumped in my neighborhood in the last 6 months).

  2. I can see both sides to this story. I don’t think there is anything wrong with good responsible breeders. I have gotten all 3 of my dogs from the local animal shelters. Two of them were given to the shelter by people that were moving or couldn’t handle having a dog. The third was found eating someone’s trash. I think that people should put more thought into taking care of a dog before they just go get one. Personally, I will only get dogs from shelters but I am most definitely not opposed to responsible breeders. There has to be more people out there to take good care of their animals.

  3. Until the general public understands that buying a dog is a very important decision, and that THEY need to be ready to accept the responsibility for the dog and it’s actions for many many years…there will be shelter dogs.

    I agree that shelter dogs need homes, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a need for good,responsible breeders, too.

    Noa Stark is one of the uneducated general public who are fed lies and propaganda by the anti-breeder fanatics. If you think there are “millions and billions” of shelter dogs euthanized every year…why is the import of dogs off the streets of foreign countries being done? I know why. Those shelters get big bucks for “adopted rescues”! Your wonderful pound puppy may have come from a dump in Guatemala where it’s parents have all sorts of diseases and termperment problems.

    The problem isn’t breeders…it’s a lack of education.
    Do your research people!
    Some of those big animal rights groups do nothing but lobby…they don’t spend a DIME caring for dogs. They don’t rehome dogs that are given up…all they do is collect your money and laugh behind your back.

    Support your American Hobby Breeder!
    We produce quality pets for the public that have sound temperment,have been health tested and come with a return guarantee. We are NOT the enemy!

    Jo Wolff
    Von Wolff Miniature Dachshunds

  4. The reason most dogs end up in shelters if that folks impulse buy those cute little puppies. They have to have it right now, instead of waiting. Then they can’t be bothered about training or do just one short session or they expect the puppy to behave like that adult dog they saw in the movies or commercials. When it doesn’t they leave it outside so they don’t have to deal with the obnoxious issues they have created. Oh and then they “forget’ to get it altered, so it breeds with the neighbor’s dog – now creating a litter probably of mutts. Get educated first by talking to the responsible breeders – soon to be an extinct entity if the anti-dog bills go through. Then there won’t be any dogs to adopt in 10 years – which is what H$U$ is planning on!

  5. Well ignorance is bliss I guess. Shelter dogs come from back yard breeders and people that do not spay or neuter their dogs. Puppy mill breeders DO let their stock out with out a spay or neuter claus in their sales. They do not test their dogs for genetic problems and the dogs are sold to irresponsible people that want a cheap dog! FACT! A RESPONSIBLE breeder breeds for the LOVE of their individual breed. They try to make dogs that are PERFECT to the breed standard. With out these breeders there would be no Beagles, Akitas or any other pure bred dogs. The reason you were more than likely directed to a breeder is because BREED CLUBS GO TO SHELTERS AND ADOPT DOGS BEFORE THEY ARE KILLED BY THE SHELTER! So on occasion breeders DO have rescues from shelters. A responsible breeders also do not sell dogs with out a spay or neuter contract! PERIOD! AND they do breed rescue..Resposible breeders ALSO NEVER let their stock go to shelters or be resold.. So I think that before you slander all breeders you should get some education!

  6. I can only speak for myself, but I have always chosen to adopt from a shelter rather than buy from a breeder. Every dog should have a home with someone who loves and cares for them. It’s true that a dog from a shelter may have some problems but it’s been my experience that with a lot of love and patience you can get past almost anything. My beagle Danny was an abused dog. He came to me with scars both physical and mental. I’ve had him for 8 months now and he has turned out to be one of the most loving and sweet dogs that I have ever had.

  7. I was directed here from an Akita rescue site. The dog needs to be rescued, and in searching for an Akita rescue, I was taken to a breeder site. Shut down breeders. They breed problem dogs. And, why breed or buy while shelter and rescue dogs die??? Makes absolutely no sense. I am profoundly offended that I found this great page from a breeder site. Absolutely disgusting with people who think they need to breed dogs or cats, when millions or billions are killed.

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