Dog-Related Legislation

Many people get very upset when people start talking about banning specific breeds such as the pit bull.  Have you taken the time to learn about what laws are being considered in your state?

According to the website of the American Dog Owners Association, laws are currently pending that would force all dogs over 6 months old to be sterilized in the state of Alabama, set limits on tethering and puppy mills in Delaware, and stop the practice of docking tails in New York.

In Florida, legislators plan to increase the fines related to animal cruelty if the owner agrees to sterilize the animal.  This one strikes me as odd.  A person who is cruel to his animals gets to keep the animal, and pay a lesser fine if he gets it fixed???  Why wouldn’t we take away his animals and spay or neuter them before putting them up for adoption by a family that would take care of them?

If you’re a dog lover, be sure to visit the site and see what is pending in your state.  Take a stand!

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Good day, and good dog!

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