Animal Cruelty Now a Felony in all 50 States

Animal Legal Defense Fund announcement. I’m so glad all states now have felony laws on the books for animal cruelty, but the work is not yet done! Enforcement is a big piece, and there are many jurisdictions that just don’t have the resources to go after people who treat their animals so badly.

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One thought on “Animal Cruelty Now a Felony in all 50 States”

  1. I support this Dog Protection Law. I am a Non-Professional Dog Trainer, particularly for myself and friends.

    Here’s my Basil Rule for Training a Dog: Never, punish a dog, A “Gentle Touch” of your fingers to their shoulder or the side of their neck, using a word to communicate to them, that behavior is forbidden. . Don’t jerk on their collar, don’t yell at them, but always have a pocket full of their favorite treat, because, your dog will respond to you better by Reward. Dogs love Treats, and Hugs. Don’t reward you dog for being bad.

    Example: Don’t punish your dog for running away. Reward your dog for returning, and they shall not run away. If you notice the start of bad behavior, call you dog to you….. and reward them, for coming to you. They will soon forget the bad behavior, as it will take them a few seconds to forget it, and soon enough, figure out the Best course of action. “Should I be digging a hole under the fence, or being near my master, who has the Treats”!

    When I see anyone abuse a Dog, I confront them.!

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