Sometimes its better not to put a dog to sleep

From Grand Rapids, Michigan comes this report: a man took his dog to the vet 2 weeks ago and found out she had several cancerous tumors. Surgery was not an option, and the man didn’t want to put his dog through chemo, so he chose to let her live out the time she had left with some help from painkillers. Early Saturday morning, his house caught on fire, and the dog awakened him to the danger! Scott Seymour credits Brittney, a 9-year old bulldog, with saving his life. Incredible! It’s nice to hear good news every once in awhile.

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3 thoughts on “Sometimes its better not to put a dog to sleep”

  1. The dog that saved his owner from the fire was put down on Tues. He was having trouble breathing and eating. It is a special story!

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