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A Heartwarming Story To End The Year

Here’s a link to the full story from ABC-7

This is a shelter with an uncommon focus. In addition to rescuing animals, W-Underdogs works with underprivileged kids. Their mission: The W-Underdogs organization empowers youth in underserved communities to discover their voices and teaches them the value of compassion toward animals and people.

They are in the process of moving into a new shelter in Atlanta, so the fire wasn’t as devastating as it might have been, and all the animals are A-OK.

I’m told the shelter is working on collecting funds to help their Good Samaritan, but I couldn’t find a link anywhere.

I told you this would be a heartwarming story!

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Hero Dog Ralph

Photo from AL.com
Ralph. Photo from AL.com

From our friends at AL.com: Ralph, a four-year old Great Dane, is being credited with saving his family’s lives after a fire broke out in their Birmingham home in the middle of the night.

From his kennel, Ralph let out what his dad describes as a different kind of bark, which prompted dad to look out the window. The family’s BBQ grill had caught fire, and the fire was spreading to the house!

The parents were able to get their two children safely out of the house and rescue Ralph from his kennel. One of their pot-bellied pigs was rescued, but one perished in the fire.

Our condolences to the family on the loss of their belongings and their pig, and our kudos to Ralph for looking out for his family.

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Tragic News from Longview, TX

Fire Marshal Johnny Zackary reports that a fire last night at the Kimbrough Animal Hospital claimed the lives of 44 pets being boarded at the clinic.

Firefighters were able to rescue just 8 dogs before the roof collapsed. Six of those rescued did not survive, and the 38 animals still inside at the time of the collapse also perished. Two of the rescued dogs are being treated for serious injuries.

The clinic’s records were also destroyed in the fire, so they are unable to notify the families. If you have a pet at Kimbrough Animal Hospital, you’re asked to call 903-399-6797 to speak with hospital staff.

Our deepest sympathies to these families, as well as to the employees of the hospital. What a terrible loss.

Sometimes its better not to put a dog to sleep

From Grand Rapids, Michigan comes this report: a man took his dog to the vet 2 weeks ago and found out she had several cancerous tumors. Surgery was not an option, and the man didn’t want to put his dog through chemo, so he chose to let her live out the time she had left with some help from painkillers. Early Saturday morning, his house caught on fire, and the dog awakened him to the danger! Scott Seymour credits Brittney, a 9-year old bulldog, with saving his life. Incredible! It’s nice to hear good news every once in awhile.

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Saving Pets from Smoke Inhalation

 From the Dallas Morning News:  What a great idea!  As many as 40,000 pets are killed in fires each year, usually from smoke inhalation.  The number is so high because pets, scared by the fire, smoke, and commotion, often hide from firefighters. 

To help combat this problem, firefighters in McKinney, Texas now have access to special equipment that will fit over a dog or cat’s muzzle to administer oxygen.  These kits, given to the fire department by Dog Scouts of America, Troup 119, cost about $55 each.

Keri Price Grant, fire and life safety coordinator with the McKinney Fire Department, says, “For years we just tried to use human oxygen masks. We tried to retrofit the mask to fit a dog, and that doesn’t work well. We are not a mobile veterinary care unit, and these kits are strictly for use in a fire. Our top priority is saving human beings, but in our society, many people consider their pets to be their children and members of their family.”

The kits come with three sizes of muzzle masks to fit most household pets.  The Dog Scout Troop has donated 85 kits to fire departments all over the Dallas area, with a promise to resupply the disposable masks as needed.

Dog Scouts of America is a non-profit group which seeks to encourage responsible pet ownership.  Two paws up to them for such a thoughtful gift! 

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The Nose Knows

Have you ever watched an arson dog work?  It’s fascinating!  Here in Canton, Ohio, the fire investigators will bring their dog out to public events for demonstrations.  If you have this option where you live, be sure to go see it.  They say that the sense of smell is the most vivid of our senses, bringing back memories we didn’t know we even had when we smell something similar.  Now, imagine a dog, whose sense of smell is tens of thousands of times more acute than ours.

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