Tank the Wonder Dog

From New Zealand:  Tank, a four-month old terrier mix began jumping on the bed of his guardians early in the morning.  Just another one of the “joys” of having a puppy, perhaps?

But, no!  A fire that had started in the clothes dryer had spread throughout the house, filling the bedroom with smoke.  The home’s smoke alarms did not activate, for some unknown reason, and if Tank hadn’t alerted them, the couple has no doubt they would be dead.

Jasmine Gillie, age 22, and Josh Saunders, age 20, were able to narrowly escape the fire, not even stopping to put any clothes on.  The house was engulfed in flames minutes after they got out.

For his efforts, Tank will get a great big bone!  (And mention on world-famous blogs like this one!)

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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