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Friday Funny: Cooper Loses a Cat

CooperLast night, I was sitting in my La-Z-Boy writing an article, and Twiggy (one of the cats at my house) jumped up into my lap, which is the normal resting place for my Vizsla, Cooper. Even though he was perfectly comfortable on the bed, he had to come chase Twiggy off of my lap, but halfway there, he stopped to scratch.

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Saving Pets from Smoke Inhalation

 From the Dallas Morning News:  What a great idea!  As many as 40,000 pets are killed in fires each year, usually from smoke inhalation.  The number is so high because pets, scared by the fire, smoke, and commotion, often hide from firefighters. 

To help combat this problem, firefighters in McKinney, Texas now have access to special equipment that will fit over a dog or cat’s muzzle to administer oxygen.  These kits, given to the fire department by Dog Scouts of America, Troup 119, cost about $55 each.

Keri Price Grant, fire and life safety coordinator with the McKinney Fire Department, says, “For years we just tried to use human oxygen masks. We tried to retrofit the mask to fit a dog, and that doesn’t work well. We are not a mobile veterinary care unit, and these kits are strictly for use in a fire. Our top priority is saving human beings, but in our society, many people consider their pets to be their children and members of their family.”

The kits come with three sizes of muzzle masks to fit most household pets.  The Dog Scout Troop has donated 85 kits to fire departments all over the Dallas area, with a promise to resupply the disposable masks as needed.

Dog Scouts of America is a non-profit group which seeks to encourage responsible pet ownership.  Two paws up to them for such a thoughtful gift! 

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Sounds Like An Even Trade…

From Greenacres, FL:  When Linda Urioste’s Labrador was picked up by animal control officers, she thought she had lost the dog forever.  After a few days, the dog was adopted by another couple.  Upon learning that Ms. Urioste was looking for the dog, the couple thought about giving him back, until Ms. Urioste yelled at them and threatened to sue.


After awhile, the couple who had the dog realized that their cat was missing.  Ms. Urioste called and left them a message that they would only get their cat back when she got her dog back.


Needless to say, now Ms. Urioste is in the pokey, charged with theft and extortion.  No word yet as to who has the animals


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Good day, and good dog!

What Are Cats For?

The most important things in my life, not necessarily in order, are my family, my health, my work, my dog, my friends and my yoga. Yes, yoga. It keeps me in touch with my body and mind, slows down the aging process, and is just plain good for you. I heartily recommend it to everyone.

You may have noticed that I didn’t include the cat in my list. I guess he’s OK, but I’m afraid I’m just not a cat person. Or maybe it’s this cat. I dunno, but we just don’t see eye to eye. Nevertheless, I feed him twice a day, let him in when he wants in, let him out when he wants out, make sure his water dish is full, worry about him when there are coyotes around, and enjoy the absence of mice in the basement. So it goes.