Friday Funny: Cooper Loses a Cat

CooperLast night, I was sitting in my La-Z-Boy writing an article, and Twiggy (one of the cats at my house) jumped up into my lap, which is the normal resting place for my Vizsla, Cooper. Even though he was perfectly comfortable on the bed, he had to come chase Twiggy off of my lap, but halfway there, he stopped to scratch.

Meanwhile, Twiggy saw Cooper coming, jumped down, and ran under the bed. Cooper finished scratching and started to come back toward me, then noticed the cat wasn’t there. He was so funny searching for her! He went around behind the chair, looked under the footrest, ran downstairs and looked around, scratched at a couple of closed bedroom doors, then came back up. He looked in the room where we keep the cat food and litter boxes, checked the bathrooms. I bet he was searching for her for a good 5 minutes. It just cracked me right up!

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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4 thoughts on “Friday Funny: Cooper Loses a Cat”

  1. Regarding the papers from your breeder. My husband and I breed Labradors.
    We always make sure our families receive their papers as soon as possible.
    We even “encourage” them to register their pups.
    We feel the dogs are so beautiful, and they have the pedigrees. They DESERVE to be registered.
    You might try contacting the AKC and ask them for help.

  2. Hahahhahah my weim does that to my other dog. But she just sits down right next to coco and looks at her from the corner of her droopy weim eyes and hopes that coco gets bothered enough to go away just to steal her spot.

  3. does anyone know what i can do if there is a breeder on here who is not responding to my e-mails. I am trying to get my dogs papers.

  4. Too funny!!!! Just like a little kid, our E. Setter lately will decide when I start to talk on the phone that she HAS to go outside!!! OR that it is nice to start harrassing the cat that is sitting on the couch yesterday!!! My kids are grown so NOW I have to contend with the pets! LOL!

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