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Hero Dog Ralph

Photo from AL.com
Ralph. Photo from AL.com

From our friends at AL.com: Ralph, a four-year old Great Dane, is being credited with saving his family’s lives after a fire broke out in their Birmingham home in the middle of the night.

From his kennel, Ralph let out what his dad describes as a different kind of bark, which prompted dad to look out the window. The family’s BBQ grill had caught fire, and the fire was spreading to the house!

The parents were able to get their two children safely out of the house and rescue Ralph from his kennel. One of their pot-bellied pigs was rescued, but one perished in the fire.

Our condolences to the family on the loss of their belongings and their pig, and our kudos to Ralph for looking out for his family.

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Bloodhound Places 7th in Elkmont Half-Marathon

Photo courtesy Elkmont Half Marathon

When two-and-a-half year old Ludivine wandered out of her Elkmont, Alabama, yard, she never imagined she’d take part in an official footrace. Runner’s World reports the Bloodhound mingled with 165 runners in the parking lot and at the starting line, and when they began to run, she kept pace.
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Alabama Alligator Eats Stray Dog

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I have a friend who is terrified of alligators. I guess I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about them because just about the only gators in Northeast Ohio are the ones in zoos. After seeing this clip from NBC News, though, I gotta admit I see her point.
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Tallapoosa County dogfighting case is finally over

rp_Pit-Bull-350x233.jpgWe reported several months ago on the dogfighting case in Tallapoosa County, Alabama. More than 30 dogs were seized from three homes by law enforcement officers and Humane Society investigators, while 25 dogs had been seized earlier as part of an investigation into drug trafficking.
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“Sweet Home, Alabama”

Is anyone else absolutely in love with the Bloodhound in the movie “Sweet Home, Alabama”?  We’re watching it tonight for the umpteenth time on USA Network.

Baron, the dog who played Bryant, is SO cute!  I just love the scene where he jumps in the lake and stays under so long you think he’s dead, then he just pops back up like nothing has happened.

For those of you into movie trivia, the first dog to have lived with Andrew was named Bear.  When he died, Andrew named his new dog Bryant, in tribute to the legendary football coach from the University of Alabama.

For more information on Baron and how he was trained to do his scenes, see the review on Aha Film.

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