Angel Service Dogs

port-water-dog Have you heard about Angel Service Dogs?  There was an article in People Magazine about the founders, Brett & Sherry Mers of Monument, CO.

Their daughter, Riley, is terribly allergic to peanuts, to the point where she cannot enter a room where there is any possible source of contact with a peanut product.  Her mom saw a TV show about how dogs are used in airports to detect illegal foods being brought into the country.  She wondered if dogs could be trained to detect allergans, and thus a non-profit organization was born.

The first breed they have chosen for training is the Porti -how Presidential!

They now run a foundation dedicated to training service dogs for allergic people and matching these people to a dog who meets their specific needs.  The dogs not only know how to use their noses, they also are trained to get help and can even push a pre-programmed phone button to call 911 for help.

What a great idea!

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8 thoughts on “Angel Service Dogs”

  1. Angel service dogs is an amazing organization! These people put their blood, sweat and tears into helping families and dogs. Not only do they help children with service dogs, they rescue and rehome several shelter dogs and abandoned dogs. They are completely dedicated to what they do and there is proof behind them by the dozens of volunteers, and families that they work with. They go above and beyond the call to make sure that every dog is trained, taken cared off and loved. There is no backyard breeding here!! Every dog is carefully watched and taken care of! All that Sherry and all of her volunteers do is work hard and dedicate their lives to an amazing cause!

  2. This organization is a hoax. They are backyard breeders who get volunteers to raise and train their dogs, then they sell the dogs for outrageous prices ($20,000) to people in need. They have a trainer who’s stated background is nonexistent and who has a Linkdin account for a nonexistent business. The trainer, Kathlyn Ross has substandard training skills and dog knowledge but uses her position at ASDi to bully and mistreat people. Sherry Mers is a mean and uncaring human being. They are very unprofessional and disorganized yet are taking donations of food and supplies from charities by deceiving them. If you give your time, money, home, and love to one of their dogs, Sherry is likely to take the dog away by deception and lies for as little as misunderstanding something you said. SM never returns phone calls and emails, doesn’t follow through on training – especially in cases of out of control animals in her program – and, according to groomers and kennel owners, doesn’t pay her bills.
    If you’re looking for a good service dog foundation you would be wise to stay away from ASDi.

  3. Just letting everyone know Candace’s son Chris is now with his forever friend and protector Max.

    Thank you for your interst in our program! Please visit our website at for more information.

  4. Candace – Wishing you the best of luck with your son and his allergies. Is there a site I can direct our readers to if they wish to help in your fundraising?

  5. We are currently in the fundraising process to get an allergy alert dog for our son through Angel Service Dogs. He is severely allergic to milk/ dairy products not only by ingestion, but also by contact. The service dog will allow Chris to go places and do things that he is unable to do now because of the risk involved. Imagine living your life knowing there is an invisible poison that could kill you or require you to give yourself a shot immediately if you touch it. Now imagine that poison is on surfaces and objects you touch everyday, but you don’t know which ones. Now imagine taking your 2 year old child out into that environment. That is what our life is like everyday. For my son, the poison is the hand lotion residue on a door handle, or the milk that dripped from a sippy cup on a playground slide (even if it was days ago), or the dairy residue on a family members face when they kiss him hello. It is a scary reality that we face daily and many other families encounter also. Please help us keep our children safe. We are not asking you to eliminate all milk and dairy products from your diet, schools, or homes. We are asking for your help in providing our son a way to participate in the world around him without risking his life. Thank you for your time and consideration.

  6. Service dogs really do make a great impact on people’s lives. If you get a moment, please check out this video — — it tells the story of a special woman’s “aha moment” that led her to start an organization that trains service dogs. I think you’ll find it inspirational.


    [email protected]

  7. This is a wonderful idea, I hope their dog really gets to find those peanuts. In the new world where dogs seem to be loosing some of their natural applications like hunting, it is encouraging that we’re finding new “jobs” for our dogs so they can stay relevant in society.

  8. I wish my dog could something useful like this.

    One day a dog goes into a butchers places a basket and a piece of paper on the counter. The butcher reads the paper which states a list of items to put in the basket and to tell the dog how much it is.

    The Butcher thinking this is a little strange places all the items in the basket and feeling rather silly, tells the dog how much it is. Amazingly the dog produces a purse, counts out the exact amount and places it on the counter. The Butcher takes the money and the dog takes the basket, leaving the Butcher stunned.

    The next week the same thing happens, dog, list, basket. When the dog leaves the shop this time, the butcher follows him through the streets until he comes to a door. The dog then rings the bell.

    The Butcher cannot believe his eyes…. Then the door opens a man comes out and starts shouting at the dog. The Butcher cannot stand for this and he confronts the man:

    Butcher: You can not do that, that dog is amazing!

    Man: Oh, yeah! This is the third time this week he has forgotten his keys………

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