Police Officers and Their Dogs

football-boxerWhile working at this week’s Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Festival Ribs Burnoff (say that 3 times fast!), I got into a conversation with two of Canton’s finest regarding their dogs.  No, these weren’t K-9 officers, but I think we sometimes forget that public officials have personal lives, just like we do.

Officer Ranalli told me of his Labrador, Ginger, who he was forced to leave with his parents while he was in the Marine Corps.  Returning home after his tour of duty with his wife, Tammy, who was 8-1/2 months pregnant, the officer picked up Ginger, then went home exhausted.

He and his wife crawled into bed, snuggling together.  Ginger came up on the bed, obviously sneaking between the two of them, as all dogs do, and plopped down on the bed, tossing Tammy to the floor!  No harm, no foul, but can you imagine?

Officer Grant is guardian to Mick, a 6-month old Boxer (named for Mick the trainer in the Rocky movies), who Grant says does nothing but cause trouble.  Apparently, Mick is great with Mrs. Grant, but gets jealous when Officer Grant comes home.  This morning, Mick tried to run out into the garage with Officer Grant.  When the door was shut in Mick’s face, he proceeded to pee all over the kitchen and mudroom!  We’ll call this battle a draw.

On another note, Officer Grant tells of a dog his family had when he was a kid.  The dog would bring upstairs from the basement all of the socks and underwear from the dirty clothes pile.  Apparently, he could fit up to 9 socks and a tennis ball in his mouth at a time.  No clue on why he would want to!

Great thanks to Officers Ranalli and Grant for sharing their stories, as well as for serving our city.

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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