Sunday Survey: Does your dog watch TV?

It used to be I couldn’t watch the lottery’s TV show because my dog would bark her head off every time the bells dinged indicating someone had won.  I’ve also had dogs that loved to watch dog shows.  Have you ever had a dog join you in the easy chair for a show?

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Good day, and good dog!

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3 thoughts on “Sunday Survey: Does your dog watch TV?”

  1. Maggie, my westie attachs the tv whenever an animal or animal like creature is shown…..with volume on or off……if she hears a commercial tune that she associates with an animal, she charges the tv from another room………..she even attachs the weight watcher’s “hungry”…….the other day was watching WHAT NOT TO WEAR and she attached a very shaggy looking lady desperately needing a makeover……….my vet is very polite, but thinks I’m delusional……..40 years and 15 dogs later, this is the only one that reacts to visual images, vet appeases me by claiming that she has superior intelect….I think she is an extraterrestrial!

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