Dogs: Smarter than we thought?

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A new article in Time Magazine shows that dogs may well be smarter than we thought.  Seems Brian Hare, an anthropologist at Duke, has worked out an experiment that shows that a dog can respond to a finger point.  Now those of you who have trained your dogs using hand signals may not think this is too ground-breaking, but apparently, it’s quite an accomplishment.  From the article:

Consider…all the mental work that goes into figuring out what a pointed finger means: paying close attention to a person, recognizing that a gesture reflects a thought, that another animal can even have a thought.

When you think about it that way, I guess it is pretty remarkable!  Apparently, no other animal (besides man) is capable of interpreting a gesture.

The article goes on to discuss other evidence of intelligence in dogs, as well as looking at how these abilities developed.  It’s a bit long, but worth the time – very interesting!

OK, now I have to be snarky for just a minute.  Does anyone else think it’s funny that the picture from the article (shown above) shows a greyhound and a guy named HARE?  Wonder if the dog chases him around the lab????  Wonder if his mother knows she paid for his education only to find him playing with dogs!

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