Can This Dog Read?

dog readingAccording to an article in the October 12th issue of People magazine,  a 12-year old English terrier mix has been taught to read!

To win a bet with a friend, Manhattan dog trainer Lyssa Howells worked with Willow for 6 weeks, and got the dog to react appropriated to commands written on posterboard.  The dog can wave and sit-up, as well as my favorite, roll over and play dead when a sign is held up saying “Bang”.

Experts say the dog is not capable of reading, as you or I would experience it, but is rather learning to relate the shape of the letters drawn on the posterboard to a specific action.  Really, this is the same as teaching a dog to respond to hand signals.  I guess theoretically, you could write anything on the card and teach the dog to sit when he sees that combination of shapes.

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2 thoughts on “Can This Dog Read?”

  1. Can I READ?!!!! Why, I was a Benedictine monk in my former life and was in charge of the monastery’s library of antique books!

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