Tuesday Top Ten: Ways to Show Your Dog You Care

Love 2If you didn’t love your dog, chances are you wouldn’t be reading a dog blog, but how do you show your love? The list below is adapted from one published by the Humane Society of the United States.

10. License your dog and attach ID tags to his or her collar. Taking these simple and inexpensive steps will help you find the dog should he or she escape from your yard.

9. Get your dog vaccinated as a puppy and follow up with boosters as recommended by your vet. If you move to a new area of the country, be sure to establish a relationship with a local vet as soon as possible. Vaccination requirements in different locations vary, based on the threats of that particular environment.

8. Five simple words: Out of fence / on leash. Whenever your dog is not inside a totally enclosed area, he or she should be on a leash. Period.

7. Provide proper shelter for your dog. Protect your dog from the weather by providing someplace he can stay warm and dry in the winter, cool in the summer.

6. Be a good companion. Most dogs are people-oriented. They want and need your time and attention more than just about anything else.

5. Take your dog to his or her vet regularly. Buying on-going medications over the Internet is convenient, but it doesn’t give your vet a chance to evaluate your dog on a regular basis. If you only take your dog to the vet when he or she is sick, it makes vet visits very stressful. However, if you take the dog for well-dog check-ups, he or she can get used to the vet’s office, making it much easier on the dog when he or she is sick.

4. Spay or neuter your dog by the time he or she reaches the age of 6- 8 months. This can help control your dog’s behavior as well as contributing to the well-being of all dogs by reducing overpopulation and the need for shelter euthanasia.

3. Provide your dog with a nutritional diet. High quality foods  will provide needed nutrients for your dog’s health. As a side benefit, premium foods result in less waste for you to clean up.

2. Train your dog for basic obedience. Start as soon as you bring your dog home, and reinforce the lessons regularly. The only way you can keep your dog safely under your control at all times is if you know he or she will follow your commands every single time you give them.

1. Provide exercise time to keep your dog fit. The proper amount of exercise should leave your dog happily tired, but not to the point of exhaustion. For most breeds, you should be able to feel, but not see the dog’s ribs when you have the right balance of food and exercise.

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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5 thoughts on “Tuesday Top Ten: Ways to Show Your Dog You Care”

  1. dog is look like a people they need attention of the owner or the owner must give love to their dogs,spend time to them,play with them etc..show to them that we love them the way we love our family..

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