Sled Dog Adventures

dog sleddingLooking for something exciting to do this winter? Check out Yellowstone Dog Sled Adventures in Emigrant, Montana.

From their Web site:

We offer a few different themed vacations, each focusing on various aspects of the Greater Yellowstone Area, all of them can feature dog sledding, wildlife safaris, wolf watching and soaking in Hot Springs- you choose the focus and exertion levels for each day.  We can combine any combination and put a package together lasting just two days or up to seven days.  We work with other service providers on some activities, so booking is limited- make your reservations now.  Costs include lodging and start at $250 per day/ per person depending on activities.

If you like Huskies, this might be just the type of vacation you are looking for!  A great way to see the wilds of Montana and enjoy some quality time with some quality dogs.

If you’re going, let me know so I can stowaway in your suitcase.

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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4 thoughts on “Sled Dog Adventures”

  1. Hey Dog Lovers,
    thanks for including my site in your dog blog catalog! I own Yellowstone Dog Sled Adventures, and I would love the opportunity to introduce all of you to my dogs, and to show you the beautiful Yellowstone National Park area. Thanks again- Jason

  2. Sounds like fun I might have try to check it out. I really like huskies and a lot of the dogs that they use for sled dogs. I found which lists the dogs most commonly used for pulling sleds. I didn’t realize how many breeds that can be used. I wish I had space to keep a huskie, but they are just to big for my apartment.

  3. This is awesome! my family has been planning to have a vacation these holidays.. this must be a great option! especially to us that we have 4 beautiful huskies. great blog! thanks for sharing info.. cheers! – Shane

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    You got a real nice forum going here!
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