Pedigree Animal Foundation

PortiCongratulations to the Pedigree Animal Foundation.  Due to their campaign during the Westminster Kennel Club show, they collected over $205,000 from viewers to be donated in support of dog adoption. As of today, that total is up over $300,000

The Pedigree Corporation will match at least the donations made during the show (I’m not sure about other donations), so selected adoption organizations will receive a total of over $410,000!

If you want to help out, go to, where you can learn about several ways to contribute.  Even if you just click on the link to become a Facebook fan, you will trigger a donation of 1 bowl of dog food to a shelter.  No cost to you, and a world of help for dogs!

Thanks, Pedigree!

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Good day, and good dog!

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  1. What a wonderful event! What a pity that in my country no one holds such events. I would love them to take part. And I have all my friends too!

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