Is it legal to chain your dog outside?

schnauzer chainedUSA Today recently ran a story about a new law being proposed in Illinois, which would require that any dog tethered outside remain in the owner’s line of sight for the entire time the dog is tied.  Other states and municipalities have laws which limit the time a dog is outside or ban the practice altogether.

Regardless of how you feel about the various laws, I think we can all agree that some dogs live a miserable life, never being allowed off of their chains, or not able to access shade or fresh water.

Do you know the law in your area?  Check out this site for a listing of what’s up where.

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3 thoughts on “Is it legal to chain your dog outside?”

  1. If your community does not have an anti tethering ordinance and you would like help to make that happen, visit our website or contact me at [email protected]

    DDB was the inspiration for the story in the USA Today, the hard work of our reps is making this a realtiy everywhere, come join us to help put an end to the practice of chaining a dog for life!

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