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DogzillaI was privileged to receive a box of Dogzilla toys a week or so before Christmas for my dogs to try out. I have waited to blog about them because I wanted to see how they would hold up, and I am happy to report they have done well.

These toys are similar to the Kong toys in that they are just about impossible to destroy and you can hide treats inside to give your dog some mental stimulation while he or she is playing. Dogzilla has some innovative designs such as a toy that you can fill with water and place in the freezer for those dogs with an ice cube fetish.

Here is what the company claims:

Petmate’s Dogzilla toy line is the biggest thing to ever happen to a dog’s toy box! Not only do these boredom-busting toys offer an ultimate way for a pooch to release energy, exercise and stay mentally stimulated, they are perfect for heavy chewers as well as parent-pet interaction. The Dogzilla toy line is ideal for a pooch of any age, size or breed – whether they are an ice cube fanatic, prefer tug-of-war, love to fetch or problem solve, or simply enjoys a toy they can “attack.”

I have to say that I found their claims to be quite truthful.  My dogs range in size from 25 to 65 pounds and in age from 2 to 9, and all enjoy the toys they are sampling.

For more information, check out their Facebook page.  The page includes the company line, as well as both positive and negative comments from people who have purchased from them.

These toys are available at many pet retailers, as well as over the Internet.

If you try them out, let us know what you think!

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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10 thoughts on “Dogzilla Dog Toys”

  1. I bought the tug-of-war style toy made from firehouse.
    “Built tough with materials from a real firehose, the Dogzilla! Firehose Tug dog toy is made to outlast the sharpest canine chompers to offer you and your furry friend hours of tug or fetch fun.”
    My 2 dogs had it torn apart in 2 days.

  2. I just baught 2 large dog Dogzilla toys. They didn’t last 10 min. I am now picking up bits of rubber from my floor. Nothing but Kong for my dogs.

  3. I bought my dogs the Dogzilla Toss n’ Tug. It was ripped open within 5 minutes and the rope tore off as soon as they started tugging on it between them.
    I will pass on purchasing any more of this brand. It wasn’t cheap, either!

  4. I also bought one of those dogzilla tugger toys and, no joke, it was destroyed within 10 mins. Not worth $9.

  5. I bought a Dogzilla Bone Tugger toy from Walmart for over $8 for my 6 month old Golden Doodle and it was destroyed within a half hour. What a waste of money! I will never buy another Dogzilla toy either!

  6. I am not impressed at all with Dogzilla toys. I got a Bone Tugger and within 30-40 minutes of playing tug of war it was not fit for her to play with any longer. I will never buy another one of Dogzilla toys. I would like my money back as well !!!

  7. I bought my dog three different kong toys, it took him at most 15 minutes to chew through them. He tore the black one to get the treats inside and then started eating the toy itself. Major failure. I got him a simple dogzilla bone- it is still standing! He goes at it for hours and it is amazing he has not broken a piece off. Sometimes high cost does not equal high quality.

  8. I don’t feel that dogzilla toys are worth the cost spend a little extra and get a kong! I bought a kong 3 yrs ago and it is still in good shape. However in 10 mins the dogzilla bumble ball was unfit for my dog!!!

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