Shelter Sunday: Just Us Beagles and Friends / Alexander, AR

This is Bo, a beagle currently living in a foster home for Just Us Beagles and Friends.  It’s no secret that I love beagles, so when I searched the state of Arkansas for a shelter to feature here, this was a natural fit.  And isn’t this a great picture?  Just like I’ve said several times – Beagles are simply noses with feet!

Here’s what Bo has to say for himself:

I’m Bo. My mommy got taken to Animal Control while I was still in her tummy. Just Us Beagles rescued her just before we were born. Everybody got adopted, but my person brought Tug and me back because we were a little rowdy (o.k. a lot). I’m all grown up now and settled down, My mom was a tiny Beagle, but I’m a little bigger. I love to sit in a chair and cuddle and I really love attention and there are too many of us here. I would love to have a home all my own.

And here’s a little bit about Just Us Beagles and Friends:

Our Goal is to:

Rescue homeless and unwanted Beagles and other dogs as space permits.

Vaccinate all rescues against disease and provide needed health care.

Fight pet overpopulation by spaying or neutering all rescues.

Adopt rescues to responsible and loving homes, giving dogs the second chance they deserve.

Provide lifetime shelter and care to any rescued dog that is not adopted.

If you’re near Alexander, AR, why not contact Just Us Beagles and Friends to check out Bo and his buddies by e-mailing Support AT JustUsBeaglesAndFriends DOT com.  And if you’re somewhere else, stop by PetFinder’s Shelter Page to find a lovable homeless dog who is looking for someone just like you.

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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3 thoughts on “Shelter Sunday: Just Us Beagles and Friends / Alexander, AR”

  1. Would that I had a private home, I would joyfully take a couple of these. Living in a TINY apartment, the one old girl I have is the allowance. My ex will shortly be discharged and sighs to have a beagle for his own, but that will be a while until he is settled.
    Question: do ALL beagles snore? “Brittany” should be eligible for lumberman’s benefits.

  2. Hi Beth,

    Did you get the opportunity to see this horrific article?! Please share with your readers. Many Thanks! Melissa A.

    PORT JEFFERSON STATION, NY (WPIX) – With their big eyes and floppy ears,”lab rats” is probably the last thing you would call these pooches, but that’s pretty much what they were.

    According to animal rescue officials, over 100 beagles were rescued from an abandoned cosmetics laboratory in Warren County, New Jersey earlier this week and they’re now looking for new homes.

    The beagles were being used for pharmaceutical and chemical tests at the lab, officials said.

    In a strange twist of fate the dogs were saved in part by the bad economy after the company that owned the lab filed for bankruptcy.

    “They closed the laboratory down and left the dogs inside,” said Lynne Schoepfer, Executive Director of Save-A-Pet in Port Jefferson Station.

    The animal rescue organization, along with several other rescue groups, stepped in and saved 120 beagles in all.

    “It was basically a make up company so they were doing inhalation tests on them, not all of them were tested, not sure which ones were and which ones weren’t.”

    As criminal as it sounds its not illegal to perform lab tests on dogs, as long as its done humanely. The reason why beagles are typically chosen is because they are such a docile breed.

    “It’s horrendous to think in this day an age there isn’t another way to do than to subject animals to testing,” Schoepfer said.

    The rescue groups determined that the dogs spent their entire lives in steel cages.

    Officials say there is no way of telling if the animals have internal damage from the chemical exposure, but they appear to be in good shape, sniffing away and active which indicates good lung capacity.

    The beagles, which were spayed and neutered, were up for adoption Friday.

    “I think they’ll make great pets all of them come up to you looking for affection,” said Schoepfer.

    To learn how to adopt one of the rescued beagles, visit the Save-A-Pet website.

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