Update on Maggie

Thanks so much for all of your prayers for Maggie. She’s home now, on antibiotics and anti-seizure meds. So far, so good. The tests never did show anything terribly out of whack, but we go back next Thursday (the 21st) for a check-up. For now, she just seems a little mopey, but then she is 10 years old, so I guess it’s okay if she’s slowing down a little.

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2 thoughts on “Update on Maggie”

  1. I really hope that she gets to stay with you for along time. But, as all of us have to leave one day, if Maggie does go to Heaven don’t worry! She is bound to find this sweet, gorgeous Golden named Kelly. Kelly was/is a true gentlemen and will look after her as good as you do. He will!

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