Tuesday Top Ten: Hangover Remedies for Your Dog

With New Year’s Eve coming up at the end of this week, we thought we’d bring you the top hangover cures known to dog-kind.

10.  Gutter Water from K9 Water Co.

9.  Toilet water – clear, not blue

8.  Pureed Snausages

7.  Gatorade with a salt cake

6.  Pedialyte on the rocks

5.  Morning dew, licked straight from the blades of grass

4.  Ice cubes – to chew, not in an ice bag

3.  A normal breakfast, with a Milk Bone chaser

2.  A dark room, a soft bed, a quiet house

1.  What else?  The hair of the dog!!

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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