Shelter Sunday: Lucky Mutts / Austin, TX

Meet Sarah!  She is currently being fostered at Lucky Mutts rescue in Austin, Texas.  Here’s what their website has to say about her.
Sarah is a very sweet, intelligent Australian Shepherd (and we guess Border Collie-possibly some English setter) mix. She is house-trained and knows sit, down, shake, come, and stay. She mastered the dog door after simply holding the flap up and calling from the other side after only two attempts.

She’s a talker – she likes to let you know what she’s thinking. She’s good with other dogs, although she’s initially a little intimidated by larger dogs and needs some time to adjust to them. The paperwork on her when she was picked up from the shelter states that she is also relaxed and playful around kids and cats.

Her foster mom is also working with her on crate training. She has some anxiety in that area. She will go in the crate with some gentle verbal coaxing, but she pouts once the door closes and doesn’t want treats or food; however, once her foster mom returns, Sarah is always prancing in the crate with a bone or toy in her mouth and some verbal greetings.

She loves going on either medium-speed or leisurely walks. Sarah also loves hanging out on the couch. She would make a wonderful companion. Her foster mom thinks she would probably be happiest in a family with another friendly dog so she’ll have company when her people aren’t around.

To find out more about Sarah and all of her friends, contact Lucky Mutts by e-mail:  info AT luckymutts DOT com

If you’re not near Texas, check out PetFinder’s Shelter Center to find adoptable dogs near you.

A word about Lucky Mutts

Lucky mutts works with the rescue coordinators of Town Lake Animal Center and other local shelters to rescue adoptable lucky mutts that would have otherwise been euthanized. Some lucky mutts come to us with injuries from abuse or neglect, others are puppies who need basic vet care and time to socialize before finding a home.

We have found that all dogs need people and our crew of abandoned mixed breeds make fine, loyal, devoted companions.

You gotta love an organization whose tag line is “Good used dogs for lucky people”.

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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