Saturday Survey: Your Opinion on Dog Cloning

I posted earlier this week about a dog who has been cloned in South Korea, whose genetics include something to make the dog glow when he is fed certain antibiotics.  Researchers think they can use the same technology to find a cure for certain human diseases.  So, does that make cloning ethical?


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2 thoughts on “Saturday Survey: Your Opinion on Dog Cloning”

  1. The risk is that cloning in itself could open the doors to criminal abuses. There would have to be very strict codes or laws to ensure that science does not go beyond what is acceptable or reasonable. But the idea does give one the shivers.

  2. I’ve studies bio-ethics in great depth and I’m still very ambivalent about whether I’m for or against cloning.

    On the one hand, cloning can prove to be a fantastic channel for finding preventive measures for many ailments that plague us today as well as many more cures. That could be true for humans as well as animals.

    On the other hand, do we have the moral and/or ethical right to tamper with nature and step into the shoes of higher powers?

    Hmmm! I just don’t know.

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