Better Buddies

Have you visited Better Buddies yet?  I really like this dog bed store, because it is so much more than a dog bed store!

You see, Better Buddies is committed not only to producing dog products that are more eco-friendly, but also to helping people choose shelter pets when considering adding an animal to their families.  They have partnered with Best Friends Animal Society and their Guardian Angel program to donate some of their profits to help shelter dogs who have special needs.  These animals need outside funding for state-of-the-art vet care, gentle training for behavioral problems, and most importantly, love and individualized care.

As Mike, Julie, and William formed their company, they were guided by the goal of making high-quality “green” products that are actually thoughtful in design and style, while simultaneously giving back to animals in need.  (By the way, co-founder Julie is better known as Julie Marie Berman, the two-time Emmy-award winning actress who plays Lulu on General Hospital.)  Better Buddies’ mission is to shift society’s focus to adoption as the means to find a pet and to make no-kill kennels the way to find them.

Check out Better Buddies blog to find out about a silent auction (concludes October 4th, so hurry!) where 100% of the profits will go to Best Friends Animal Society.

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Good day, and good dog!

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