California Readers: Protect Your Shelter Animals

In an effort to cut the state’s budget, Governor Jerry Brown has proposed stripping several important provisions from Hayden’s Law. Passed in 1998, Hayden’s Law put California at the head of the class as far as protecting shelter animals.

With the proposed budget cuts, shelters would no longer be required to provide veterinary care for their animals and wouldn’t be required to keep the records which make it easier for lost animals to be found by their families or by prospective adopters. In addition, animals would have to be kept for only 72 hours before being euthanized.

If you find this unacceptable, sign the petition.

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2 thoughts on “California Readers: Protect Your Shelter Animals”

  1. The doogs must have a chance , and time to find a family….DonĀ“t kill them , it is terrible…

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