Police vs. Dogs

Photo:  Counter Current News
Photo: Counter Current News
I find it odd that both of these stories (from different sources) appeared in my Facebook feed on the same day.

First up: Mississippi legislators have proposed a new law that would allow police officers to enter any home without a warrant and shoot dead any pit bull they find who is improperly restrained or not wearing the proper tags. You can’t make this stuff up. Read more on Counter Current News.

Perhaps (or perhaps not) because of this proposed legislation, there is a petition on the White House website you can sign if you support holding law enforcement accountable for their actions on a nationwide basis. This petition encompasses not just treatment of animals, but also the broader picture of unjustified killings of people and false arrests.

I think it is interesting that in the header of the petition, shot dogs are mentioned first, before false arrests, mass beatings, and unjustified killings.

It’s often grass roots efforts like this that get things done, so if you’re interested in these issues, contact your legislators and let your voice be heard! If you don’t, you give up your right to complain about the topic.

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