Score One for the Good Guys in Kentucky!

WAVE-3 in Louisville is broadcasting news that a puppy mill in Pulaski County has been closed, and more than 40 dogs rescued!

Dennis Bradley, the operator of Dream Catcher Kennels, had been allowed to stay in business because local law enforcement didn’t have the budget to care for the dogs if they rescued them. How sad is that????

Anyways, the TV station ran an expose, which caught the attention of the ASPCA. The investigators there called the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department and offered to care for the dogs at about the same time a plea deal was being worked out with Bradley that would have forced him to give up his dogs, so everything worked out ok.

Bradley’s (in my opinion, laughable) punishment for second degree animal cruelty? Six months of probation and loss of his license to operate a kennel for two years.

All 43 dogs are expected to recover fully and be available for adoption. They are being housed at the Kentucky Humane Society in Louisville. Their site says adoptions started yesterday. I call dibs on the Bloodhound! (Not really – feel free to love him at your house, but send me pictures.)

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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