Saturday Survey: Where do you allow your dog to sleep?

If you’ve been following along this week, you got to see the funny video of the dog who was soooooooo happy to have finally made it into the master bed. I remember when I was younger, we had a beautiful tri-color Collie named Lady. She knew she wasn’t supposed to be on the living room couch, but we would quite often come home and find her there. One long look from my dad, and she would slink off, looking like she wished she could hide under the carpet.

Where do you allow your dog to sleep?

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2 thoughts on “Saturday Survey: Where do you allow your dog to sleep?”

  1. I’m having trouble with my 3 1/2 year male Yorkie. I adopted him in July of 2013. He’s had quite the life so far as a rescue. I think I’m the 5th home for him. Which is sad..I have 2 others and can’t imagine them being passed around like that. Anyway, my problem is him peeing and pooping out of the blue. I mean I can take all 3 of them out and the 2 smaller ones will go regardless of the weather. This one picks and chooses when he goes outside I think it’s a sensory thing with him maybe. He has to have perfect conditions in order to go. Does the best on a leash even in the backyard. I can’t figure this guy out for nothing! It’s not just pee he also poops. We bought a house with no carpet anywhere but really would love to buy area rugs to put under my furniture but not until I get this problem under control. I had someone tell me get a “belly band” that will help with peeing I guess but what about pooping?

    Anyone with any advice at all please email me. I need some help solving this problem ASAP. This is his forever home, I will never let him go back into the system. I love him dearly!

  2. We have a 2 story home, so we sleep upstairs at night and she is gated in the kitchen with her own bed. As to the furniture, she is not allowed on it for the most part although she does rarely get on the couch with me. When we are gone there is a gate leaning against each piece of furniture in our living room. Not only to keep her off but because she has “anger” issues when things go past our house that annoy her and she will take it out on the furniture. Our furniture is new the last couple of years and the previous furniture has bites and tears in it from this happening.

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