Tucker Receives Random Act of Huge Kindness

Courtesy Christina Summitt via CNN.com
Courtesy Christina Summitt via CNN.com
From the CNN iReport, which brings us good news: Christina Summitt works three jobs, trying to support her three step-children, as well as her work in dog rescue. Her own dog, Tucker, a Great Dane-Black Lab mix, is never far from her thoughts. He recently swallowed a plastic ball, and she knew he’d need surgery to remove it, but the estimated cost was $2,700.

In her job as a bartender, Christina often strikes up conversations with customers, but she never imagined that doing so would result in a very big tip that would help get Tucker the surgery he needed.

The anonymous customer noticed Christina’s paw print tattoo on her wrist, and asked about what it meant to her. She told him about her rescue work, and then he asked about her own dog. It wasn’t busy, so she took the time to tell the customer and his wife about Tucker and her worries over his needed surgery and its cost, but she never even thought thought they would benefit from the customer’s outrageous generosity!

It seems the man and his wife ran up about an $80 bill, but left a $1,000 tip! (That’s 1250% for those of you without your tip calculator handy.) The hotel’s management checked with the customer to make sure he really intended to be so generous, and it turned out, he really did!

Wow…just, wow!

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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