Shelter Sunday: Paws and Claws Rescue / Hot Springs, AK

Betty AKMeet Betty! This pretty girl is living in Hot Springs, Arkansas with Paws and Claws Rescue. Here’s what their PetFinder post has to say about her.

Betty is a very affectionate puppy looking for a family who will open their home and invite her to join the family, she wants to belong. Betty is sweet and very friendly, 1 year old; she is a shepherd mix with an adorable face. It is difficult to identify mixed breed dogs without proper knowledge of ancestry; a guess assessment of breed and birthdate has been made, keep in mind Betty was a rescue pup.

She is adorable at 55 pounds, Betty will make a wonderful companion to an active and loving family. Betty was a stray, rescued and waiting for the perfect family to adopt her. Betty deserves a chance to experience joy and plenty of love in her life, she needs a loving family who will shower her with hugs and kisses and lots of affection. Betty is extremely friendly and affectionate with a happy demeanor. She’s very smart, Betty will sit for her food and snacks. She loves a good belly rub.

Betty loves people and loves playing with other dogs. She has a lovey and sweet personality and temperament. Betty will be great with children and make a loyal and loving companion. She looks forward to her daily walks when she sees her walking harness, she’s one happy dog!

Betty is up-to-date on all her puppy shots and has been spayed.

If you’re lucky enough to live in Arkansas, why not contact Paws and Claws Rescue to ask about Betty and all of her friends? Their new website is currently under construction, so for now they ask that you contact them through their Facebook page. Alternatively, you can email Delia for an application at [email protected] and include your phone number.

If you live somewhere else, check out PetFinder’s Shelter Center to locate adoptable dogs near you.

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