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Shelter Sunday: Preacher / Mountain Girl Rescue / Flagstaff, AZ

Preacher AZ

Meet Preacher! This handsome fella is a Mastiff / Cane Corso mix who is house-trained and said to be good with dogs, cats, and children. Here’s what is known about Preacher:

Preacher is all love! He’s a big boy, so needs a strong handler, and would be best with bigger kids. He’s wonderful on the leash & knows basic commands.

Preacher is currently a guest of Mountain Girl Rescue in Flagstaff, Arizona. If you’re lucky enough to be in the great state of Arizona, why not contact Mountain Girl Rescue at [email protected] or (928) 699-1320 so you can ask about Preacher and all of his friends. Visit their Facebook Page.

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Pedigree Foundation Announces Rescue Dog of the Year Winner

From our good friends at Pedigree: Stevie Wonderful was blind and lost when he was found. But with care and love, he has become a beacon of hope. Today he has a loving family and is a canine greeter bringing joy at Cleveland Clinic. His enduring spirit is why we chose him as PEDIGREE Foundation’s 2020 Rescue Dog of the Year.

Stevie was found trying to cross a six-lane highway, dragging four feet of rusty chain that was wrapped around his neck. He had a flea infestation, ear mites, mange, heartworm disease and suffered from malnutrition. He was also blind, likely from past head trauma. Continue reading Pedigree Foundation Announces Rescue Dog of the Year Winner

Do you remember Lana the Labrador?

Photo from Rescue Dogs Match
Photo from Rescue Dogs Match
From Fox32 in Chicago:

Lana, a 3-year old yellow Lab, gained fame as the Saddest Dog in the World when a picture of her in her kennel was widely circulated in 2015. She was adopted after that, but was returned to the shelter less than a year later when she snapped at her adoptive mom. She’s now on a short list for euthanasia due to over-crowding at the shelter and has until May 20th to be pulled from the shelter. Continue reading Do you remember Lana the Labrador?

Shelter Sunday: Nap Time at Arizona Greyhound Rescue

A little different take on our Shelter Sunday feature this week.

Sunday afternoons are my favorite time to nap. Maybe that’s why this video struck me so hard today. Here’s what the videographer from Arizona Greyhound Rescue has to say about it: Mr. Fry is a saluki mix from Arizona Greyhound Rescue. He loves to bask in the sun, so he takes his bed with him to a sunny spot for a nice afternoon nap. Mr. Fry also will carry his bed with him to be near his humans if they moved into another room.

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