Bretagne, Last 9/11 Search & Rescue Dog, Dead at Age 16

Of the more than 300 search and rescue dogs working at Ground Zero, Bretagne was the last survivor. broke the news this evening that the Golden Retriever hadn’t eaten for three days when her partner, Denise Corliss, made the difficult decision that it was time to say goodbye.

She received salutes from first responders as she entered the veterinary hospital in Cypress, Texas, and her body was draped in an American flag as she was carried out and transported to Texas A&M, where she will be autopsied as part of a study on 9/11 search dogs.

Bretagne (pronounced Brittany) made her search and rescue debut at the World Trade Center and later worked at other disasters including Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Rita, and Hurricane Ivan. She retired from Search and Rescue work at age 9, but continued her life of service as a reading assistance dog.

Our sympathies to Denise Corliss and her family. Bretagne touched many lives. She will be missed. May the giver of peace bring comfort to all who mourn.

RIP Bretagne. Godspeed.

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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