Sign the Petition to Restore Puppy Mill Information to the USDA Website

Since at least 2010, if you wanted to make sure you were buying a dog from a reputable breeder, you could search for the breeder on the USDA’s website, which listed known animal abusers, including puppy mills.

Inexplicably, this information has been removed from the site. Their suggestion is that you instead file a request under the Freedom of Information Act, which could take years before you get a response.

Please join me in asking the Trump administration to restore this information to make it easy to access. Sign the petition.

Learn more about the issue on

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2 thoughts on “Sign the Petition to Restore Puppy Mill Information to the USDA Website”

  1. Puppy mill breeders must be stopped….AKC MUST BE held accountable. AT LEAST 75% of their registrations come from puppy mills where the most unbelievable suffering of these dogs is going on as you read this. Do a little research online it is horrible. And AKC is as guilty as the millers but even more so because they take their money .This is big money …millions…end this madness. These dogs spend their whole lives in small filthy cages.USDA is responsible as well. They set the rules.Dogs should nit be considered livestock. THEY are companion animals AKC. USDA. PUPPY MILLS. DOG BROKERS. CHECK INTO IT… BEWARE YOU WILL PROBABLY LOSLEE OVER IT….IT IS INDESCRIBABLE IT MUST STOP

  2. Information on where people get their dogs & if they are reputable is of upmost importance.This having to be said is just disgusting. People that mistreat animals is a special sort of evil & MUST be held accountable.

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