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No Puppies Under the Tree!

not-presentTime for my annual reminder that dogs don’t make good Christmas presents. When you give someone a puppy, you are asking that person to make a commitment that may last as long as 15 or more years. This can be a real challenge for some people, so if you are not willing to take care of the dog yourself, don’t expect someone else to do it.

Getting a dog should only happen after caregivers have long discussions about who is going to provide day-to-day care and who is going to bear the expenses of caring for the animal. You should also do the research to discover which breed best fits your lifestyle.

The biggest reason why animals get surrendered to shelters is because they don’t meet expectations. Make sure you understand what to expect before you get a dog, and have a long conversation with your family before you add a dog to your home. Putting a puppy under the tree before you are properly prepared for the responsibility doesn’t benefit anybody. Please don’t add to our already overcrowded shelters!

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

Gift For The Dog Lover Who Has Everything

brafIf you haven’t yet figured out what to get Great Aunt Mable, who has 17 dogs and every possible thing related to them, the AKC is bailing you out this Christmas. Here, straight from The Dog Lady’s mailbag, is all the news about a new canine bladder cancer detection test, available for purchase in the AKC Shop. Continue reading Gift For The Dog Lover Who Has Everything