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Westminster 2020 Masters Agility Championship: 20-inch Class

Here are the times for the 20-inch class:

All American Dog– Preferred class (16 inch jumps)Moses 39.90 clean
Rottweiler Twix 38.25 + 10
Dalmatian Atty – did not finish
Siberian Husky Nanuk – 41.29 + 10
Golden Retriever Carly – 38.44 clean
Australian Sheperd Lilliann – 35.04 clean
Labrador Retriever Tag – 39.04 + 10
Border Collie Graphene – 36.99 + 5
Border Collie Cru – 35.24 + 10
Border Collie Verb (Defending Champion) – 35.14 + 5

The winner, Lilliann, will now progress to the overall championship where her time will be compared against the winners of the other classes.

Carly – 2nd place
Moses – 3r place
Verb – 4th place

Come back soon for results from the next class.

Westminster 2020 Masters Agility Championship Introduction

Before we start, a few notes for the uninitiated. An agility course is a series of obstacles laid out by the judges in a new course for each competition.

The handler must lead the dog through the obstacles in the correct order, meeting certain standards along the way. For example, when a dog goes over a jump, he or she must not knock down any of the poles and when the dog goes on the teetor-totter or over the A-frame, he or she must touch at least one foot in the yellow painted zones at each end of the obstacle. When a dog doesn’t meet one of the standards, a 10-second penalty is assessed. Going in the wrong order through the obstacles causes a 5-second time fault. A dog who doesn’t have any faults is said to have run “clean”.

Dogs run in classes defined by their heights so that the tallest dogs must make the highest jumps. An exception is granted for age, with senior dogs getting to jump one class lower than their height would otherwise dictate. This is a called a preferred class.

Come back for the 20-inch class results.

2020 Westminster Kennel Club Show Schedule


I know, I know, it’s still January, but I thought you might like to know that the schedule for the granddaddy of all dog shows has a slightly different schedule this year.

The agility championship will be held before the conformation show, as per usual, on Saturday, February 8th.

The obedience championship is also the weekend before the show, on Sunday, February 9th.

What’s new is that the conformation best in breed judging will be held over the course of three days rather than two. Hounds and Herding breeds will be judged on Sunday, with the Terriers, Non-Sporting, and Toy breeds to follow on Monday. Group judging for four of the five groups will be on Monday evening. Terrier group judging is carried over until Tuesday evening. Continue reading 2020 Westminster Kennel Club Show Schedule

Winners Announced: AKC Agility Premier Cup Presented by EEM

LonginesFrom The Dog Lady’s Mailbag: The American Kennel Club (AKC®), the world’s largest purebred dog registry and leading advocate for dogs, is pleased to announce the winners of the first ever AKC Agility Premier Cup Presented by EEM which was held in conjunction with the Longines Masters of New York at NYCB Live at the newly renovated Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum on April 25th. Continue reading Winners Announced: AKC Agility Premier Cup Presented by EEM


EEMFrom The Dog Lady’s mailbag: The American Kennel Club and EEM will host the first-ever 2019
AKC Agility Premier Cup presented by EEM to be held in conjunction with the Longines
Masters of New York. The event will take place on Thursday April 25th from 4 P.M.- 9
P.M. at NYCB Live at the newly renovated Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum.

This family-friendly event marks the first time AKC Agility will be held at an Equestrian event, demonstrating the amazing abilities of both horses and dogs in their respective sports. The top 60 canine agility competitors and their handlers from around the country will be invited to compete at the Invitational. Twelve dogs will be entered at each jump height (8”,12”, 16”, 20”, and 24”) for $10,000 in cash prizes. The winner will also have their name engraved on the AKC Agility Premier Cup trophy that will be displayed in perpetuity in the AKC New York Headquarters. Continue reading THE AMERICAN KENNEL CLUB JOINS WITH EEM WORLD TO HOST THE AKC AGILITY PREMIER CUP PRESENTED BY EEM

Results Are In for the Masters Agility Championship at Westminster 2019

Overall, the top dog was a Border Collie named Verb, handled by Perry DeWitt, crossing the finish line in 32.05 seconds.

The top “All American Dog” (what many of us would call a mutt) was Plop, handled by Lisa Topol, who ran the course in 37.99 seconds.

For the purebreds, the 8-inch class was won by a Papillon named Gabby in 39.31 seconds, while Pixel, a Miniature American Shepherd herded through the course by Ami Sheffield led the 12-inch class, finishing in 33.45 seconds.

Pink, a Border Collie, won the 16-inch division in 31.23 seconds, along with her handler Jennifer Crank. Verb took the 20-inch class, in 32.05 seconds, as mentioned above. Bringing up the last of the height classes, an All American Dog named Harley lumbered through the course in 43.92 seconds with his handler Erin Stumler.

A lot of videos of the action are available on the WKC site.

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Basset Hound Agility

In honor of today’s Super Bowl and Puppy Bowl, I wanted to post something athletic. I’ve always said I could never do agility because I wouldn’t be able to keep up with my dog. I see now that my problem is I don’t have the right dog. This one, I could keep up with.

This Basset has wild skills on each apparatus, but she just doesn’t see the need to display them with any speed. Bobbi Jo Cooley did eventually complete the event, but only after she thoroughly sniffed out the entire course.

So sweet!

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!