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Saturday Survey: Your Doggie Car

If you saw yesterday’s post, you saw two ways in which someone showed their love of Alaskan Malamutes – a vanity license plate & the plate frame.  And of course, we’ve all seen the ribbon magnets that say “I heart my whatever”.  Does your car let people know that you love your dog?  (I mean other than the dog fur all over the seats.)

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Dog-Lover = Car-Buyer???

Honda has decided that a key demographic of potential car buyers in Japan is that they love dogs!  (Of course, who doesn’t?)  In fact, the Japanese have more dogs and cats than they do children under the age of 15.  As a result, Honda has begun designing cars specifically to be canine-friendly and even has a website devoted to the initiative:  honda.co.jp/dog/.  (It’s in Japanese, but you can look at the pictures.)

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