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Buckeye Paws

Photo:  Shari Dunaway on Twitter
Photo: Shari Dunaway on Twitter

From The Columbus Dispatch: The Ohio State’s Wexner Medical Center has launched a new therapy dog program. Many hospitals have therapy dogs to visit patients, although most such programs have been suspended due to COVID19. What makes Wexner’s program different is that these dogs are there for the caregivers, not the patients.

Four dogs, each of whom has a family member who works at Wexner, are currently involved, although they hope to expand the program to 12 dogs. The dogs and their handlers wander the halls and visit nursing units, giving hugs and comfort to employees who are experiencing unprecedented levels of stress due to the heavy workload associated with Corona on top of their normal duties.

If you’re thinking you’ve heard of the program before, you may be right if you are on Twitter. The photo of Shiloh (above) was posted by Dr. Shari Dunaway in November with the caption, “My hospital hired an employee whose only job is to go around saying hi to other employees while they work.”

Such a great idea at a much needed time.

Point of personal privilege: Congrats to Ohio State on making it to the national football championship! Go Bucks!

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Columbus, Ohio Meals on Wheels Serves Pets

Kudos to Lifecare Alliance Senior Petcare program, which gives free pet food and veterinary care to owners in need. The Petcare program arose when human food deliverers were noticing the remains of their meals littering the area around pet food bowls. They recognized that seniors need pets for quality of life, as well as for to enhance longevity.

While Lifecare Alliance takes care of the food, the Veterinary Program at The Ohio State University provides care.

Sounds like a great partnership!

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Live PD Shows Dog Rescue from Icy Pond

It’s that time of year again. Please keep close track of your dog if you live near water which may not be completely frozen. Kudos to the first responders in Franklin County (Columbus), Ohio for rescuing this dog, and to #LivePD on A&E for showing it. The video was rebroadcast on 10TV, and the Hilliard MedVet Facebook page featured the dog. Continue reading Live PD Shows Dog Rescue from Icy Pond