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Preliminary Sporting Breed Results, Westminster 2015

Not all breeds in the Sporting Group are reported yet, but here’s what we have as of 2:20 pm on Day Two of Westminster 2015. Keep in mind that this group’s dogs are listed in alphabetical order by their function, then by their name, such as “Retriever, Labrador” rather than the more common “Labrador Retriever”.

POINTER: GCH Hipoint Here Comes The Sun
POINTER, GERMAN SHORTHAIRED: Ch Ehrenvogel Achy Breaky Heart
RETRIEVER, LABRADOR: Ch Lobuff Hollyridge Brookstone Savannah
SPANIEL, BOYKIN: GCH Pocotaligo’s Nama Karoo MH JHR
SPANIEL, COCKER, ASCOB (Any Solid Color Other than Black): GCH Trinity’s Tucked Under His Wing
SPANIEL, COCKER, BLACK: GCH Ashdown’s Time To Thrill
SPANIEL, COCKER, PARTI-COLOR: GCH Sherwood & Lomapoint Captain Crunch
SPANIEL, IRISH WATER: GCH Mallyree Here Comes The Son RN CGC
SPINONE ITALIANO: GCH Sweetbriar’s Diamonds Are Forever JH
WEIMARANER: GCH Doc’s Greyborn North Star Of Acadia

More Best in Breed results between 5 and 8 pm, with Best in Group judging starting at 8 pm.
Next up: Preliminary results from the Working Group.

Westminster 2015: Herding Best in Group

Swagger (Photo:  Westminster Kennel Club)
Swagger (Photo: Westminster Kennel Club)

The results from tonight’s Best in Group for the Herding breeds.

1st: Old English Sheepdog, GCH Bugaboo’s Picture Perfect
2nd: Bouviers des Flandres
3rd: Australian Shepherd
4th: German Shepherd Dog

Swagger, the OES, will go on to compete in the Best in Show competition tomorrow night.

And another great Subaru dog commercial to wrap up the night!

Check back tomorrow for the Best in Breed results during the day, followed by the remainder of the Best in Group competitions and Best in Show tomorrow night.

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

It’s Time! Westminster 2015 Broadcast is Starting Now!

If you want to follow the Best in Group competition, now is the time to tune your TV to CNBC.

Great rendition of the National Anthem by the cast of Broadway’s Matilda.

LOVED the commercial from Subaru showing dogs driving a car and barking at a mail truck when it passed by.

Tune in now so you don’t miss anything! (And check back here if you can’t get to a TV – I’ll be announcing the Group winners as soon as each group finishes.)

Westminster 2015 – Non-Sporting Breeds are Final

(Photo:  Westminster Kennel Club)
(Photo: Westminster Kennel Club)

Best in Breed results from the Non-Sporting Group:

AMERICAN ESKIMO DOG: GCH Nuuktok’s Atka Inukshuk
BOSTON TERRIER: GCH Ken’s N’ Roobarb N’ The Horse Ya Rode In On
BULLDOG: GCH Just Lonestar Bright Lights Big City
CHINESE SHAR-PEI: GCH Shine’s Deck The Halls
CHOW CHOW: Kun Lun Of Anna Kennel
COTON DE TULEAR: Ch Mi-Toi’s Burberry At Justincredible
DALMATIAN: Ch Merry Go Round Coach Master
FINNISH SPITZ: GCH Dv9k9’s Red Hot Star
FRENCH BULLDOG: GCH Fulla Bull Soulja Boy
KEESHOND: GCH Skyline’s Unit Of Measure
LHASA APSO: GCH Kumi Kian Strike A Pose
LOWCHEN: GCH Madriglace Gingery Jet Setter
NORWEGIAN LUNDEHUND: Ch Fransiska Lundejeger Lonewolf
POODLE (MINI): GCH Surrey Cherry Garcia
POODLE (STD): GCH Dawin Hearts On Fire
SCHIPPERKE: Ch De Lamer Overboard
SHIBA INU: GCH Lee-Fen’s An Everlasting Love
TIBETAN SPANIEL: GCH Kan Sing’s Po-Ba-Ri At Arundina
TIBETAN TERRIER: GCH Barnstorm To-Jo B’En Wicked @ Adominos By Dzine
XOLO: GCH Bayshore Georgio Armani

From this group, I’ll take the Miniature Poodle, GCH Surrey Cherry Garcia. Best in Group results will be posted as soon as they are final!

Westminster 2015 – Toy Breeds Are Final

Yorkie WKC

This year’s Best in Breed winners from the Toy Group:

AFFENPINSCHER: GCH Yarrow’s Hi-Tech Ben There Done That
BRUSSELS GRIFFON: GCH Seagryphs Sleeping With The Anemone
CAVALIER KING CHARLES SPANIEL: GCH Forestcreek Louisiana Lagniappe
CHIHUAHUA (LONG COAT): Ch Dazzles Touch Of Midas
CHIHUAHUA (SMOOTH COAT): GCH Sonnus Filho (Sanchez)
ENGLISH TOY SPANIEL (B&PC): Ch Loujon Thornwood Little Jacob
ENGLISH TOY SPANIEL (KC&R): GCH Novel Backroads Run For The Roses
HAVANESE: GCH Love’s Havaheart Los Goodfellas
ITALIAN GREYHOUND: Ch Infiniti Holding Kryptonite
JAPANESE CHIN: Ch Touche’s Snapdragon (My apologies to the Japanese Chin fans – they competed at the same time as the Shiba Inus, so I was unable to cover both. In case you’re keeping track – this is NOT the dog I picked!)
MALTESE: Euphoria Rhapsody Locked In A Tower
MANCHESTER TERRIER (TOY): GCH Cottage Lake’s Our Lady Of Fatima
MIN PIN: GCH Marlex N Marisol Bold Moves
PAPILLON: GCH Involo The King Of Pop
PEKINGESE: Ch Pequest General Tso
POMERANIAN: GCH Hitimes What The Inferno
POODLE (TOY): GCH Lomar Swag’s One Tin Soldier
PUG: Ch Belaire’s Royal Comet
SHIH TZU: GCH Hallmark Jolei Rocket Power
SILKY TERRIER: GCH Karisma Heart And Soul
TOY FOX TERRIER: GCH Dejavu’s Big Dog Daddy
YORKIE: GCH Trio’s Big Shot

From this group, I’ll pick the Yorkie, Trio’s Big Shot. Best in Group results will be posted as soon as they’re final.