Baby Blues

Afraid of how your dog will react to the new baby you are carrying?  The American Pregnancy Association offers several tips to help you prepare.

Think about what habits your dog has that may present a problem when the baby arrives.  If he has a habit of getting between your feet when you are walking down the steps, that might not be such a good idea when you are carrying the baby.  Begin training him now to wait for you either at the top or the bottom of the stairs.

Use a doll to simulate situations that will occur once the baby is born.  The dog needs to get used to you having someone in your lap other than him.

Show the dog some of the baby’s new toys and teach him to stay out of the toy box.  Reward him for doing so by playing with him using his toys.

Plan to spend some special time with your furry baby.  He will likely be jealous of the new arrival, and needs to be assured that you still love him.

Never leave your dog alone with your child.  Even though he has never bitten anyone in the past, you never can tell when he will become annoyed with the child.

Discuss the issue with your vet.  He or she may have some tips from other clients or from personal experience that you can use.

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