Baby, the Hero Pit Bull

What do you call a Pit Bull who rescues not only his human family, but also his canine brethren from a raging fire? Most people just call her Baby.

Sisters Rhonda and Evelyn Westerberger were sound asleep in their home of 17 years when a fire broke out and quickly engulfed their house in rural Oklahoma. Baby quickly nudged them awake. After seeing them safely out of the house, Baby went back inside to get five more dogs out.

Baby, you’re my hero!

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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2 thoughts on “Baby, the Hero Pit Bull”

  1. Baby deserves a very special prize akin to the Nobel Prize – for “love of humanity and brethren”. Also his family would most likely treat him to a wonderful meal, a new toy, or even a new bed? He gave everyone a “new life”!

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