Survey Saturday: Neuticles for your dog

If you haven’t seen the news about this, there is a product called Neuticles.  Yep, you guessed it, Neuticles are prosthetic testicles some people use after neutering their dogs to make it look like the dog has not undergone the procedure.  What are your thoughts about the procedure?

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3 thoughts on “Survey Saturday: Neuticles for your dog”

  1. Today (8/25) there was a raid in Parkersburg WVa on a “puppy mill”. The Humane society is trying to find homes for over 1000 puppies & breeder dogs. For info call 304-422-5541

  2. The stupidest idea that I have ever heard of! I agree, give the money to a shelter. Trust me, the dog is not embarassed to be neutered. Although, at least it is good that he is neutered

  3. Anyone who would buy these things seriously needs to get a life. If you have that much money to waste then give it to the Humane Society or a Rescue Group.

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