Background checks for cloned dog parents?

A recent story in the International Herald-Tribune notes that Bernann McKinney, the first commercial dog cloning client, is the same woman who, in the 1970’s jumped bail after kidnapping a Mormon missionary and making him her sex slave.  The cloning company, RNL Bio, has no problem with this, and does not plan to do any background checks on future clients.

Apparently, many people are very upset by this.  Robin Lovell-Badge, head of developmental genetics at Britain’s National Institute for Medical Research called the Korean company’s policy “ridiculous.” He said clients who wanted their pets cloned should undergo counseling to ensure their motives were justified and that they understood the risks involved.

My take on it?  Her personal sexual habits 30 years ago probably aren’t relevant to her dog parenting ability today, and most shelters don’t check criminal backgrounds on adoption applicants, so what’s the big deal?

Your thoughts?

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One thought on “Background checks for cloned dog parents?”

  1. Thank you for defending Ms. McKinney, the handicapped lady who cloned her beloved service dog who was her “hands’ after they were amputated and reconstructed. Booger took off her shoes and socks, dialed 911, opened a door with his teeth, and even got her towels from the dryer. It is easy to see why this exceptional dog was cloned! The five cloned puppies are doing marvelously and are adorable, and miraculously, showing all the same qualities–plus the unique ability to REASON as their Clone -parent had! And by the way the libelous stories printed about Miss McKinney ARE false, libelous and defamatory, and were spread from some old enemies of hers, the Mormon cultists who also spread the same lies slandering her 31 years ago. (She sued for damages, and collected then, and will be suing again now. She has never been charged with raping a hulking Mormon man as the Mormon cultists said. And this former Miss Wyoming USA certainly never kidnapped him. He was 6’5 and weighed nearly 300 pounds, and was afraid the Mormon “church” would excommunicate him for a love affair with her after he asked her to marry him. She spoke out against Mormon human rights abuses and doctrine, and they waged a 31 year black PR campaign against her.) She is a courageous lady who battled them as well as a life challenging amputation and limb reconstruction, and she only wanted her beloved dog back and does not deserve such criticism. The resulting publicity has traumatized her and her family greatly and had NO place in a “dog cloning story”. It is too bad the media was to DISHONEST to get the FACTS about her. The wire service and Mormon sources who propagated the libelous story is being SUED for millions of dollars.

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