Now, that’s one loyal dog!

RottHappening upon a stray running the highway in Tennessee, Kathy Wilkes-Myers coaxed the emaciated Rottweiler into her car.  Kathy, a member of Love Me Tender Animal Rescue, didn’t think the dog acted like a typical stray, so she set about trying to find her family.

She remembered seeing a bad one-car wreck along the same stretch of highway about 2 weeks before she found the dog, so she called the highway patrol and asked for the names of the people who had been in the car.

Turns out Ella had been thrown from the wreckage and assumed dead.  This dog spent two weeks policing the area around the wreck, gathering up personal items thrown from the car.  She had all of the items in a pile at the side of the road and may have been sleeping with them because they smelled like family.

Kathy will be keeping Ella while the family heals from the wreck, but a reunion is planned as soon as the family is able.

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Good day, and good dog!

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6 thoughts on “Now, that’s one loyal dog!”

  1. thats great, I’m looking to get a Rott, and while they’re not all the same this is good to hear, other than the usually fear mongering!

  2. The only thing that has worked with me is training and more training and spending time with your pet.Training is more than sit, down, and stay. It is time spent with the dog, a relationship built between dog and owner.

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