Saturday Survey: What’s a vicious dog?

We recently changed carriers for our home insurance, and since we have so many dogs, we  had to fill out several questionnaires so the insurance company could figure out what type of risk they were taking on. 

In order to answer some of the questions, I had to have the agent send us a copy of the dog laws in Ohio, which set forth definitions for “dangerous dogs” and “vicious dogs”. 

Legalities aside, what do you think – what constitutes a vicious dog?

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2 thoughts on “Saturday Survey: What’s a vicious dog?”

  1. I have various breeds of dogs 35 years. I have been bitten by three dogs of the same breed over my lifetime, to me this breed is unpredictable therefore vicious. I have also experience a rottie whose family thought she was sweet and mostly she was a big baby unless something set her off, like another female walking past her house, or stroller wheels. I feared for my baby after that epidsode and feared that dog thereafter. The owner could barely control this “sweetie” then.. There are breeds who have big brains for smaller skulls who even under the best of circumstances can pop off. But let us not forget the number one biter has been the Golden Retriever, not vicious by nature, but too many of them so higher rate of bites. Any dog can be vicious if we don’t do our job socializing them, but there do seem some breeds more prone to being unpredictable than others. Experienced but cautious dog lover.

  2. Any dog that bites people is not necessarily vicious – I would want my dog to bite an intruder. Certain breeds, such as pit bulls are not necessarily vicious either – certain toy dogs are much more apt to bite because they are usually so spoiled and high strung. Dogs that menace people might just be sensing that the person is actually a menace/danger to the owner – that is not necessarily vicious either. Dogs that bite other dogs? Depends on the circumstances – is it a nip, or a full fledged attack? And there are dogs that just are bullies and do attack other dogs/animals because they are the equivalent of little criminals. Are they vicious? All this is debatable because depending on circumstances a dog that bites must be evaluated and the reason must be determined before it is labeled vicious.

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