Puppies, Puppies Everywhere

VIDEO: Dog has litter of 17 puppies : MyFoxORLANDO.com

It’s not quite 101 Dalmations, but 17 Rhodesian Ridgebacks seems like quite enough for me!

In an amazing show of stamina, mama Etana gave birth to seventeen puppies over 26 hours last September.  Although this number of puppies isn’t unheard of, it is rare for all of the puppies to survive.  But because Grandma Ramona Wegemann was willing to put her career on hold for a month or so to hand-feed the puppies, they are all in good shape and ready to be sold.  One small catch – they’re located in Germany, so you will not only have to pay the $1,315 price for a puppy, you’d have to pay travel expenses as well, if you’re thinking of getting one.

See the Associated Press story.

Congratulations to Etana and her (extremely large) family!

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Good day, and good dog!

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