Retirement Home for Dogs

What do you do with an old dog when you can no longer care for his or her medical needs, but you can’t bear the thought of euthanasia? You’d have to move to Japan to take advantage of this, but it’s a great idea, otherwise.

Entrepreneur Mie Kawaguchi saw a niche she knew she could fill when she opened Roken Honpo, a retirement home for dogs in Tokyo. The country’s dog population tops 20 million, and at least ten of those dogs are being cared for at Roken Honpo.

A veterinarian checks in regularly to deal with the dog’s ailments ranging from Alzheimer’s to cataracts to digestive problems and joint diseases. The on-site staff cares for the rest of their needs until they take their final breath, providing TLC much as a hospice would for a human senior citizen.

The cost? About $660 per month, which translates roughly to 75,000 yen.

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One thought on “Retirement Home for Dogs”

  1. Sad, just postponing the inevitable. I am sure they would be better in the comfort of their own home with family.

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